Saturday, February 1, 2014

This week in the bakery… we try and keep warm

Logic would have you believe that I work in a balmy environment. It is a bakery after all. 

This is sadly not so. 

From November until February the spacious Caryna's Cakes bakery is baltic. With a concrete floor, concrete high ceiling and the heat dependent on the output of one hard working oven, it often takes hours before my breath vapors become invisible. 
And so, like the wilderness in the tundra, we adapt to our environment. We layer up and bake on. Here are some of our techniques for keeping the hypothermia at bay.

I always start with a hot breakfast. We only use Free Range Irish eggs, which are perfect for a healthy portion of boiled eggs in the morning.

Hoodies. Eliminating that neck gap where pesky drafts can creep in is a key tactic. Here I am setting up the new printer looking like Banksy. 

Chaufettes. It's a much better word than the English term, "hand warmers". From time to time we may need to take a break and get the blood flowing. 

LAYERS. Fleece-lined Crocs over socks, over long johns, over socks

A fine alpaca hat my sister brought me from Peru. It limits the hairstyle options, but one must remember one's priorities.

Wearing this scarf is more than just a patriotic gesture. It is…wait for it… heated! It's like a battery powered, scarf-shaped electric blanket.  

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Dublin 6w, Ireland

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