Saturday, February 22, 2014

This week in the bakery… I listen

I am the boss of me but I'm not always a very nice boss to me. In example, I often make myself work through lunch, forcing myself to consume my mid-day calories in liquified form from a takeaway mug (I moved on to soups. At least I've quit the baby food. That's progress...). On a Saturday morning, however, when the alarm goes off at 6am, I am thinking very kind thoughts to my employee self. "Snooze that there alarm. 20 more minutes' sleep is grand. You'll make up the time when you get there by working quicker." As if it's possible to work fast at that ungodly hour when you feel like the rest of the world is cozy under their warm duvets.  

It isn't the joy of baking that gets me out of bed so early on these occasions. It's not pride in my work or a feeling of responsibility to the customers awaiting their cake. It's the podcast. 

I strategically store up episodes of my favorite podcasts for tasks that I am less than enthusiastic about. Ginormous pile of dishes to wash? Joy the Baker podcast makes it fun! Tons of cake boxes to stamp and fold? This American Life makes it fascinating. Stirring butterscotch as it slowly changes from pale to golden brown? The Savage Lovecast makes it kinda crazy.

Here is a list of my favorite audio entertainment:

For when I feel like hanging out with my girlfriends - Joy the baker Podcast

For when I want to be inspired - This American Life

For a bit of smut, good advice and to feel like my life is very normal in comparison to some - Savage Lovecast

When I want to be transported by a good short story - The Moth Podcast

When I want to laugh - Uhh Yeah Dude

Audiobooks are more of a "making a wedding cake"-type time commitment - David Sedaris Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls

Tina Fey Bossypants

And now you can go forth and enjoy folding your laundry.

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