About Caryna's Cakes

Best quality brownies, buns, cakes and squares.

Caryna Camerino is the baker behind Caryna's Cakes, a small artisan bakery that feeds Dublin's sweet tooth by way of supplying delicious and high quality treats to coffee shops, restaurants and farmers' markets. Caryna's Cakes bakes best quality home-baked treats made with real Irish butter, pure vanilla extract, Irish free range eggs, fair trade chocolate and lovin' from the oven. There is absolutely no addition of preservatives, enzymes, stabilisers or other gross stuff that is often used in commercial bakeries.

It all began in 2003 when I was backpacking from Canada to Europe. Ireland was supposed to be a 2 day stopover...I have been living here happily ever since. In 2007 I started with a small weekly market stall in Ranelagh selling cake as a hobby to distract me from my Monday to Friday job. My role in Human Resources had become the miserable work of making employees redundant nearly every day. It broke my heart. Baking made me happy and I continued to put time and effort into that little market stall. Within 2 years Caryna's Cakes had enough regular and enthusiastic customers to give me the courage to leave my job and work for myself, doing what I love. Life has been sweet ever since. Taste the lovin' from the oven in my cookies, my squares, my cakes and my brownies! I emphasize the use of local products wherever possible, ethically produced flour and chocolate, and cater for tastes that range from decadent treats to sugar-free and gluten-free options. Check out www.carynascakes.com to see pictures of some of the fancy custom designed cakes for weddings, birthdays and other happy occasions.

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