Sunday, March 2, 2014

This week in the bakery…the cakes are ready for their closeups

This week has passed like dog years. 4 weeks of work have happened in 7 human days. 

The week always starts with a rush on deliveries to coffee shops and restaurants. Everything is baked fresh and is delivered under the wire before lunch
This Hobart mixer is my favorite piece of kit in the bakery. She is a beast.
Once all of the Monday orders were done and delivered, I was able to start on decorating the display wedding cakes I had designed for an ad in the next issue of BASH wedding magazine. Working with fondant in a cold bakery calls for muscles, plans and forearms of steel. 
By the end of Wednesday, all of the display cakes were ready for their closeups. 
I can be pretty dopey when it comes to bothering to do the very important job of taking pictures of my cakes once they are decorated. I'm usually so delighted to have them done and eager to give them to their intended that it clouds my foresight. The cakes are not long gone before hindsight kicks in. 
So the wonderfully talented Mark Duggan came to the bakery to photograph the series of cakes. He is especially good at making things look stylish and delicious.

My degree in Communications Studies came to use in my role as photographer's assistant that day.  
Then there was more baking, a market, more baking and some more decorating. There was a Christening cake for Holly but I of course forgot to take a picture. I've really got to work on that... 
There was this Lego cake for a fan named Tom

and there was a Peppa Pig cake for an adorable fan named Alannah
This week has left me feeling like 'what just happened?' So much so that I keep writing and re-writing this final sentence and feel the most eloquent way to put it is to say, I'm a stunned banana. 

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