Monday, June 30, 2014

This week in the bakery…Naked cake and superheroes

This has a been a week of goodbyes. First went Julien. He arrived to the bakery about 6 weeks ago to improve his English. By the time he left he was entertaining the room with riddles and memorized monologues from Lord of the Rings. This was all while smiling and washing dishes / scooping cookies / sweeping the floor / peeling carrots. A special lad, to be sure. 

Next went Kevin, a best friend who I met in Bakery school (we became fast friends when I realised how funny he was. His famous first sentence to me was (totally not joking), "Careful not to burn your face with that hot tray. It's amazing how one moment can change the rest of your life." With every epic sentence that comes out of Kevin's mouth, I love him more. He worked for Caryna's Cakes in the early days, when baking was done from the cottage / my house. He's off to New York City, where he has been hired to an exclusive and competitive internship programme. 

He got this naked chocolate cake with Cream Cheese frosting as a send-off. It was garnished with fresh edible flowers, fresh berries and a blizzard of icing sugar.

Ewan is 4! I met Ewan's parents at Macreddin Village market at Brooklodge when he was a bump. I made his christening cake and every birthday cake since. this year he's mad into superheroes so he got a 2 tier chocolate biscuit cake with Spiderman, Superman and Batman. 

Until next week… same bat-time, same bat-channel. 

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