Saturday, July 19, 2014

Last week in the bakery… Vegan wedding cake implosion. This week in the bakery… Garth Brooks is everywhere

It's been yet another hectic couple of weeks here in Cake Central. I wonder if, like me, other small business owners ever suffer from… sentence completion delay. SCD sounds a lot like a Kindergarden teacher speaking to an expectant classroom. My brain is so full that by the time the start of a sentence escapes my mouth I have moved on to thinking of the next thing. Mid-way through what I'm saying I get that 'what did I come here for?' moment, followed by long pause, before forcing out the end of my sentence. What is my brain full of? Here are some examples-

This vegan wedding cake was assembled and ready for the next day. The cake was waaaaay too delicate for the Irish heat wave* that hit Dublin. Miracle of miracles, this cake implosion occurred in the bakery and not at the wedding. The cake was rebaked and reinforced to the nth degree. Finished cake below.
*Over 20 degrees Celsius constitutes an Irish heat wave. 

The vegan wedding cake in situ

This was a 90th birthday cake for Jim, a jazz saxophonist, Cork man and sports fan. 

I tried my hand at driving a coffee "truck" belonging to Saltpeter Deli. No less that 6 people waved and smiled / laughed at me on the journey from Drimnagh to Terenure.

To say the day was intense would be an understatement. The barista was a no-show, it rained, surprise HSE inspection, I had no power for the first couple of hours and then the coffee grinder quit on me. But champions don't quit. Oh no. With no electric coffee grinder, ordering a cappuccino became an audience participation-type event. Here is a photo of a customer hand grinding his own shot. 

This week Caryna's Cakes and Nick's Coffee Co were reunited. Raspberry cheesecake brownies are back where they started - it that teeny coffee kiosk in Ranelagh

This week also saw the opening of Two Fifty Square, a new coffee roasters and local coffee shop tucked away on a side street in Rathmines. Me likey.

The Garth Brooks saga was everywhere this week and the bakery was no exception. We love our friendly delivery dudes and are heartbroken for this man who has given up the fight but not the dream.
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