Saturday, March 29, 2014

This week in the bakery…was insanely good

What's whirler than a whirlwind? This week was that. In a wonderful way
Sunday: 2 worlds collided and my delivery vehicle solved a crime
Corrina and Caryna, united at last. Corrina represents Lovin' from the Oven (West Coast) and I, Lovin' form the Oven (East Coast). Click on the picture to read about the strange set of coincidences that led to our meeting.
This is Raquel, the trusty Vespa I used to deliver cake at the very beginnings of Caryna's Cakes. This week Raquel was a pivotal piece of evidence, instrumental in the solving of a crime involving damage to 6 cars in an underground car park. Apparently the criminal attempted to hot-wire poor Raquel and after being subjected to fingerprint analysis by the Gardai, she identified the culprit. All in a day's work, ladies. 

Monday: I supply 3 out of 10 of the best cafés in the country and I fix myself a drink

The Irish Times named the top 10 cafés in Ireland (6 are in Dublin) and Caryna's Cakes proudly supports 3 of them. Coffee Together, Clement & Pekoe, and The Coffee Dispensary in Block T.

Mondays are taxing and Tuesdays are my day off. This Tuesday Slow Food Dublin had a cocktail making class, taught by the wonderful Paul Lambert of the Blind Pig speakeasy. I only spilled one cocktail on myself (those shakers are tricky buggers).

Tuesday:Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. And a hike

Wednesday: My face is HUGE in print and on camera
This wonderful article was published in the Irish Times regarding food businesses who start out in markets, with contributions by Caryna's Cakes.
Later that day RTE came by the bakery to film me making an Italian Jewish chocolate pudding cake (Italian Jewish chocolate pudding cake is part of my heritage)for a program about Passover (to be aired on April 13th I believe)
Thursday: I'm a Who's Who! 

To top off the week, the very respected John & Sally McKenna of McKenna's Guides (formerly Bridgestone Guides) named me in their "Who's Who" of Irish food. The notice went out in their megabits newsletter and the review it linked to was INCREDIBLE. John and Sally, I know you live far away from me but I will find you and I will hug you. Amazing.

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