Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This week in the bakery… I ate the Swedish thing

This week was my birthday. And St-Patrick's Day. And a long weekend. To celebrate, I spent a few days in Stockholm with friends and I made it my business to taste all the best Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) in all the land. I mapped out bakery stops and with the help of my dear friend Ann, who is always there when I need her, and we tasted cake in each stop. We've done this before along with my dear friend Margie and cupcakes in NYC. The first few feel like fun, the middle few feel like work, by the last few it's back to fun because you are cake drunk. 

This bun from Drop Coffee was spiced with cardamom. It was delicious, but not the winner...

I'm kind of like a scientist.
See how portions of coffee beans are stored in corked sciencey tubes? Science. 

Long live the dessert buffet/ Smorgasbord! 

There were lots of bakeries everywhere. I love that in a city.

And the winner was…

The ABBA museum! Just kidding. there were no cinnamon buns there. But there should be. As well as "I Believe in Angels Food Cake," "Thank You for the Muesli," Knowing Meat(balls), Knowing You," "Cream of Mushroom Souper Trouper," "Poulet Vous," and "Onion Ring Rings." Collaborative credit owed to Don for this excellent work.  

It took some talented map reading by Ann to get us here but when we got here we were home. Home to the most delicious cinnamon bun of life. Cafe Saturnus, Eriksbergsgatan 6 Östermalm,
+46 8 6117700; 

Twitter: @carynascakes
Facebook: Caryna's Cakes
Phone: 086 0703425
Address: Terenure Enterprise Centre, 
17 Rathfarnham Road, Terenure, 
Dublin 6w, Ireland

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