Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This week in the bakery...

This luggage got me a honk from the airport buggy. 
This has been a very happy new year so far. I've been away from the bakery, but the bakery is never far from my mind. Even as I inch across the sheets of ice using the 'slidey footwork technique' in Montreal, I am thinking about how to bring the food I love back to Dublin, in the form of cake. Here's a glimpse of my week away from the Caryna's Cakes, thinking about the Caryna's Cakes. 
We went to an old timey Montreal exhibition.  I of course took interest in this antique bag of sugar

We had a classic lunch at Schwartz's - Smoked Meat sandwich, dill pickle, fries, karnatzel and a cherry Coke (Schwartz's is a famous Montreal deli. So famous, they made a musical about it, which I have not seen and so cannot recommend)
We  hopped over to an adorable artisan bakery Boulangerie Les Co'Pains D'Abord (translation of pun: friends first), where I was treated to a delicious Lavandrier 

This little lady was an excellent tour guide of Syracuse New York 
We had a delicious brunch at Alto Cinquo, Syracuse
I love brunch. I love Huevos Rancheros. I loved these Huevos Rancheros, along with this crispy turkey bacon and Mexican Hot Chocolate Mocha

It was really nice of Mollie to treat us all to brunch

We wandered a block to a local bakery Picasso's Pastries and Cafe, and each picked a treat

My flight back to Dublin was cancelled. I sure hope it has nothing to do with the suspicious bags my mother is helping line my suitcases with (It's actually Maple Sugar. Did you hear that Airport Security? Maple Sugar!) The lengths I go for Caryna's Cakes...

Caryna's Cakes

Twitter: @carynascakes
Facebook: Caryna's Cakes
Phone: 086 0703425
Address: Terenure Enterprise Centre, 
17 Rathfarnham Road, Terenure, 
Dublin 6w, Ireland

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