Friday, January 17, 2014

This week in the Bakery

This has been a busy week in the bakery, what with the catching up, keeping up with orders and unpacking all the fun stuff I brought back. Here's a sneaky peak of what went down. 

The arrival of my 2014 Best in Ireland award was the highlight of the week!

This week started by working from home, due to continued holidays in Montreal, due to flight cancellations, due to freezing weather. Here I am getting cracking on the Caryna's Cakes New Years cards. Sharpies - check. Spreadsheet - check. Chai Latte - check.

Boon Grass Drying rack
I came across this Boon drying mat and accessories in Target. It's intended for baby bottles and all of their tiny fiddly attachment bits. I saw it and had a vision...
 Boon Grass Drying Matt
This is the perfect solution for hanging piping tips to dry. The plastic grass keeps piping bags open and aerated while they dry. And it adds a touch of springtime to the sink area. What sink area could't do with a bit of springtime?

This is a photo of me gleefully measuring butter while modeling my new favorite apron. It's made of linen, it has pockets, it's adorned with beautiful embroidery and, most beautifully,  it belonged to my friend Benjy's late grandmother. 
Baking is like the Oscars sometimes. As you can see, I went for a costume change here to finish the butter measuring with added flair and drama. This is apron number 2 in the collection.

Here I am sporting apron number 3 as I move on to sieve the flour, most stylishly. I am so touched by the gift of these aprons and I will take very good care of them. They go in the "Good Aprons" pile. It's a touching show of my friends Benjy and Shari-Ann's support for Caryna's Cakes.
Not surprisingly, the Fruit & Nut Bar (which is wheat-free and sugar-free) was a best seller this week. Customers seemed to be opting for oats over chocolate of late. I predict a tide change at the start of February, as heart shaped chocolate boxes start popping up everywhere, luring the best internationalists into their luscious, dark depths.

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