Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Get a piece of the pie for 6.5%

We’re Growing!
Be a part of it…

After quitting my HR job, after baking from home and after delivering cakes on a moped, after leasing my own premises and employing many friends, after being a finalist in the Irish Street Food Awards and the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards, and winning a Bridgestone McKenna Guides in 2012, 2013 and 2014, after selling cakes at countless events, festivals and markets and gaining 23 regular independent restaurant clients … Caryna’s Cakes is opening a CITY CENTRE BAKERY & CAKERY

I am using personal investment and crowd funding to expand. Caryna’s Cakes is currently debt-free and has opted for cooperating with Linked Finance instead of approaching the banks.

Would you like to invest in a boutique, artisan and Irish business with a proven history of growth and success?

What’s in it for you
What’s in it for me

v Bid as little as €50
v The more people invest, the more supporters of Caryna’s Cakes

v Better return on your investment than with a bank
v Better lending rate than with a bank (target rate 6.5%)

v Repayments every month for 36 months

v Affordable repayments
v Support small Irish business

v Support Irish lenders

v Caryna’s Cakes has been screened by Linked Finance to ensure ability to repay
v Linked Finance manages repayments

Taste the Lovin from the Oven...

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  1. That is definitely a good proposal. I think everyone should at least consider that, as pastries are wonderful confections, as well as really great things to sell. They have appeal as both ornament and food. Constant demand is always a guarantee, which is why one should have the proper tools in place, to process the ins and outs of the business, so that it can keep on going. Yep, I'm going to call that an instant win.

    Darcy Grubaugh @ Quantum Buyers