Monday, August 25, 2014

This Week in the Bakery… things that fit perfectly into other things

Things that fit perfectly into other things. Oh, the satisfaction! Making these magic moments happen is my superpower. I inherited this superpower from my mother Orna, a renowned Tupperware queen. Her domestic ultra-skill was born unto me, where I carry the torch into the bakery. I can Tetris pack the van like a boss. I can stack cake boxes like nobody's business. Crushed pineapple to store in the fridge? I have just the airtight container for the job. 

There is an entire website dedicated to the joy ( Those pictures to me are what cute puppy memes are to the rest of the Western world. This week I will share my tools for the art. A superpower can't be taught or learned, but with a some creative thinking and patience, Grasshopper,  you could one day feel the daily joy that I do. It's the little wins… Honk if you feel me.

16 packets of crushed biscuits fits perfectly in this plastic storage container, purchased from Lidl.

This is a photo of an a-typically sized cooling rack given to me by my kitchen neighbor here in the Terenure Enterprise Centre. 

..and here is a new tray from Viking Direct that happens to fit perfectly.
How satisfying is it that these plastic forks fit perfectly in this jar, from Kitchen Compliments? Very. 
I love the way this case of butter fits perfectly into this 1/2L airtight Gastronorm Food container. 

I make no apologies. This is a thing of beauty. Viking Direct

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