Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This week in the Bakery… the 5% that broke the Internet

From me to all of the marvelously, outrageously, incredibly generous friends, family and strangers: A HUGE thank you for your support as I grow this little bakery. 

My experience with Peer to Peer lending has been emotional. Linked Finance felt like the right fit for Caryna's Cakes. The success of the business has and will always be thanks to my dedicated customers. Those very customers nearly broke the Internet with their fast and furious low bids for investment. 

By the close of the auction at 9pm last night my loan of €10,000 was 388.10% funded with 173 lenders. The lowest bids within the auction meant that I secured the loan at the rock bottom, lowest possible rate of 5%! According to Linked Finance, this auction has easily been the most successful auction ever. This is an incredible result and I am so grateful for this major show of confidence and encouragement. 

Camerino coming soon!

Here I am telling all of Ireland about CAMERINO, coming soon… 

Pat Kenny didn't eat all of these himself. 

 You can hear me talk to Pat Kenny on Newstalk HERE.  My interview starts at 34:27. Happy listening.

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