Saturday, July 2, 2011

Naturally Good

I had a brilliant post all done and written but then it gone and disappeared. Gosh darn modern technology and it's shortcomings. It was about cakes, about health, about good taste and love. But now it's gone so here's something similar but different.

I've been neglectful. I haven't written due to a myriad of life events coordinating themselves to all happen within a very compressed space in time. I finished my "thesis" and went traveling for a couple of weeks then made and sold hundreds of brownies for the Body & Soul festival. I say "thesis" because it was 10,000 words on muffins. Yup. If you can write 10,000 words on muffins you get a degree in Bakery and Pastry Arts Management. I for one am offended. But you can't let these things get you down. There's a life lesson here. I used my 10,000 words on muffins to develop a range of healthy treats that I'm pretty frikin proud of. I called it the Naturally Good range. They contain only natural ingredients, they are good for your mouth, good for your muscles, good for your health and therefore good for your skin, hair and arse.

I've Weight Watchers Pro Pointed them here but they are by no means endorsed by WW. WWWWD (what would Weight Watchers do)? I would imagine they'd recommend you snack on these, that's what.

A great thing about these i they are huge. I can make them in more normal snack size which would lower the points value further.

Feast your eyes on these

Caryna's Cakes Low Fat Muffins
A low fat, high protein spelt muffin containg ½ daily portion of fruit

Ingredients: White spelt flour, raspberries, banana, apple, orange juice, fat-free yogourt, Xylitol, egg white, almonds, whole spelt flour, water, baking powder, honey, salt

Weight Watcher Pro Points per 105g serving: 5

Caryna's Cakes Flapjacks
A hearty and heart-healthy flapjack that is wheat free and contains no processed sugar.

Ingredients: Peanut, oats, dates, raisins, peanut butter, honey, egg, almond, Brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, cinnamon

Weight Watcher Pro Points per 60g serving: 8

Caryna's Cakes High Protein Muffin

A chunky chocolate chip spelt muffin that is high in protein and ideal for athletes. It contains no added sugar, whey protein and only healthy monounsaturated fat.

Ingredients: Apple, soya milk, egg, white spelt flour, soy flour, Xylitol, 70% chocolate chips, whey protein, olive oil, oats, almonds, ground flaxseed, vanilla, agave nectar, baking powder, salt.

Weight Watchers Pro Points per 105g serving: 8


Caryna Camerino

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  1. Healthy and good enough to eat !!!!! Can't wait to try some .