Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cakes and a music festival. Vantastic.

Firstly, I want to say hello and merci to my 11 Followers. Writing makes me happy but I'm even happier to know that my writing isn't disappearing into the Internetal (word invention) ether. And now that these words have been immortalised in the blogdom you 11 can proudly claim that you were among the first to follow Lovin' from the Oven, back when I was just Jenny from the block, when future Caryna's Cakes is skyrocketed into super stardom and declining requests to make Prince Harry's wedding cake because, although I would have been honoured, I am fully booked until 2016. That's rubbish of course. I dream of being in a real life curtsy situation. If you believe in something strongly enough it will come to you... so I will continue to believe that I will one day be a bakery superstar and get the opportunity to prove my curtsy skills. Dream big.

Now on to what I originally intended to write about - Vantastival! It happened last weekend but I have only now caught up on my sleep and am coherent enough to write about it. But only just barely, as proved by the previous paragraph.

Vantastival is a musical festival that welcomes families, tents and camper vans. Here are some of my favourite things that happened at Vantastival 2011:

1. Kevin. Kevin is my best college friend. Well, he was. Until he posted some extremely unflattering photos of me at Vantastival on Facebook and claimed he does not believe in deleting pictures. The friendship was good while it lasted.
I rented this van with GoCar. Brilliant company
Kevin is the type of guy you can count on for anything ranging from scraping mold off your bathroom ceiling to cycling up a big hill to your house because you are in desperate need of a hug. There is nobody else I would agree to camp in a Ford Transit van with. And that's a challenge because Kevin is 6'4

2. My Nook. It's a small 3m x 3m marquee, but for 3 days it's home.

3. The Brownie Busters. It was a huge success last year. What do you do when children wooed by the sight of chocolate ask you over and over again to please let them have a brownie for free? You put them on commission. If they get enough adults to buy brownies they will get their free brownie. It's not extortion, it's education. 

4. Cakes on the go. If the people won't come to the cakes, bring the cakes to the people. It means laughing at "nice buns" like you've heard it for the first time. Every time. Like, 45 times. But you get to talking to some genuinely fun people too. It's mostly that kind of people.

5. Brownies in their belly. I feel a swell of pride when I see a band on stage and say to Kevin, "They have brownies in their bellies!" Isn't that fame by osmosis?
Caryna's Cakes and The Gandhis

6. Nap time.Contrary to popular belief Caryna's Cakes does not run on sugar and butter. It runs on disco naps. Sunshine naps are even better.

Looking forward to next year.

Signing off,

Caryna Camerino

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