Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating less and being happier sounds like a paradox to me

In August we advertise Back to School in September. In September we advertise Halloween in October. In October we advertise Christmas in December (insert gap here) In January we advertise Valentines in February. I could go on but hopefully you get where I'm going with this. What I'd like to draw you attention to is the gap in the advertising calendar between Christmas (a time of festive eating in groups) and Valentine's (a time of obnoxious eating in pairs). This is the time when we are guilted by passive/aggressive advertisements saying that you can be happier and healthier by joining a gym and eating less. Staying on that weight loss wagon is a matter of strength of willpower. Sounds so simple. I call Shenanigans! I am a firm believer that food can contribute to happiness and that eating less does not necessarily lead to good health. Here's to a year of choosing more GOOD food to eat. On the subject of cake, if you're going to enjoy a piece of carrot cake, make it a quality piece of carrot cake that has more carrots, nuts and fruit instead of bulking agents and preservatives like Genetically Modified soy oil and excessively refined white sugar. Preferably made by someone who cares about carrot cake. Let's be honest - very few people know what is actually in the food they eat. With packaged food you at least have the option to read the ingredients should you feel so inclined. With market and coffee shop cakes, you just have to trust that the company who baked it and the company selling it cares enough about your health and cake eating experience to forgo fooling your taste buds with the likes of MSG, thereby increasing their profit margin. If you've got a craving for cake, choose to eat good cake. Anyone read Like Water for Chocolate? If you've got a cranky biznach baking your cake it's never going to feel as good eating it as if it were made by...me! Lovin' from the Oven is the catchphrase for a reason.  

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